Journalists, lawyers, political activists, human rights organizers and others are daily fighting an almost overwhelming struggle to survive in corrupt regimes and governments that suppresses the peaceful exercise of freedom of expression or violate other basic human rights.

Why do these people do this? How many sacrifices are they willing to make to promote or protect human rights, including the freedom raise critique about the exercise of power in their countries?

Can the price be too high? Who – with a sound mind – would criticize Europe’s last dictator? Who would dare to openly expose the drug cartels in Latin America or the ultra neo-Nazi’s in the Balkans?

Would you – as a political dissident – have the courage to publicly raise your voice against the last absolute monarchy in Africa, the battle against corruption in South East Asia or stand up for Woman’s rights in Egypt.

Some do – and others will. This is the story of six people.
Each with a heart that never dies.