Fantastic review of the soundtrack

Our composer, Ragnar Bjerkreim made a soundtrack of the entire score for our films.

We are deeply honored about the fine review, “A small measure of peace”:

 “A heart that never dies” is the story of six people struggling to survive in corrupt regimes and governments that try to suppress the peaceful exercise of freedom of expression or violate other basic human rights. It’s a 6 part TV series that tries to make us pay attention to this neverending fight. The score for this series was written by Ragnar Bjerkreim and performed by Martin Bjerkreim and Torun Stavseng.

Right from the start I am whisked away on the wings of gentle and poignant strings that evoke pain and struggle. I know the feelings aren’t good and I know the topic is serious but the music is so beautiful that I let it take me over and I let it tell me everything it wants to. I can’t walk away from this. After welcoming me to this score the strings get some help from a solo piano that is only an illusion. “Inspiration” has a solo cello part that just warms my heart.

I love and intimate score like this. It’s just two instruments, the cello and the piano, locked in a room together having a dialogue. Nothing else is heard, nobody else interferes. It’s just the two of them sharing precious moments. They aren’t desperate to talk to each other. They are finally there where they always wanted to be, alone in a room and they whisper to each other what has been building up inside. The two instruments take turns in telling their story and there are very rare moments when they both play in the same time. “UN theme” is their common ground, the moment when they come together.

The entire score is basically a variation on a beautiful and haunting theme. We get versions like “Rapid”, “Quiet” and “Pulse”. I enjoy every single one of these variations. This score is so beautiful and I can almost see the tears falling silently on its cheeks. They are tears that maybe come from the realization that it finally found someone it can show its true face to.

Yes, the score for “A heart that never dies” gave me a lot of feelings. My two favorite instruments, the piano and the cello, can go deeper than anything and stir things up inside me. The composer of this magnificent score created a small room that will forever remain out of time and that I can return to whenever I need to recapture those feelings. Do not miss this gem.

And get the soundtrack here:

DATE 16. October 2015 CATEGORY News